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is not an appropriate choice. she's against the rights of immigrant families and undocumented students and÷ against the rightsdc6 of studen critical thinkingt!f and free speech. >> napolitano began her tenure as uc president less than a month ago. >>> one year ago today the east coast was battling the largest storm to ever build in the atlantic. sandy ripped across the shoreline leaving behind about $70 billion in damages. nbc bay area jay gray is on the boardwalk this morning and seaside heights with a closer look at the ongoing recovery efforts across the region. >>> sunrise in thep strikea year after sandy is still struggling to come back. >> it's terrible and tragic. it's nowhere close to getting any better. sdroo did you think when all this happened that a year later you would be in this can be? >> never. we honestly figured maybe six months, and we would have a home. >> reporter: many who lost their homes are gij to lose hope. >> we're told we're going to see progress soon, but i look around, and i see no progress. >> reporter: desperation, they understandúz in seaside height. recoveri
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1